Coordinate work seamlessly across teams

Create more efficient workflows by using a visual tool to connect teams, organize work, and streamline projects in one single place.

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Asana helps teams create connected processes, from start to finish

Make a plan, get aligned

Organizing across teams is simple with Asana Workflows as the single source of truth to coordinate and move toward goals.

Create process, get clarity

Workflow Builder enables more team members to set up processes, report on progress, and share across teams.

See challenges, close gaps

Adapt workflows to evolve with your team, so you’ll boost efficiency without sacrificing progress.

Benefits of Workflow Builder

Systemize intake

Use Forms in Asana to capture ideas, source needs, and organize requests that require collaboration across teams.

Automate tasks

Reduce manual work by creating Rules that trigger automatic actions like assigning to tasks, updating status, and more.

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Integrate tools

Get instant data and updates across teams through automatic sync with your most used tools like Slack and Google Drive.

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Improve processes

Monitor progress in each stage of work with Workflow Reporting to diagnose what’s working, what needs revising, and how your team can upgrade efficiency.

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Templatize workflows

Save and share your best practice workflows in the Template Library so others within your organization can get started quickly on similar projects.

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Connect your favorite apps to streamline work

Stay in sync with cross-functional teams by integrating popular apps into your workflows

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Use Workflow Builder to create processes for all types of mission-critical projects

See how Asana coordinates your workflows
Creative requests

Streamline project requests, priorities, and feedback — all in one place.

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Plan effective meetings

Track agenda topics, assign to-dos, and keep track of follow ups.

Coordinate marketing campaigns

Keep moving pieces on track, hit deadlines, and launch your best marketing campaign yet.

Onboard new teammates

Standardize and speed up the onboarding process.

Close more deals

Track account data, notes, and action items to keep everything moving forward.

Get products to market faster

Keep launch details clear and cross-functional teams connected.


See what Asana Workflow Builder can do for your teams

Now you can easily see your team’s entire workstream in one place. Start using Workflow Builder to simplify collaboration across teams.

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