Customer success offerings

Whether you're onboarding your team or trying to expand your use of Asana, our customer success program helps teams like yours set and hit their goals faster, with the resources you need.

How can Asana customer success help?

Our customer success services provide solid partnership and plenty of resources to help you hit your goals on day one, and throughout your journey. Explore the offerings below and see our FAQ to determine what you qualify for.

Onboarding plans

Onboarding plans

Work hand-in-hand with an expert on a custom onboarding plan, timeline, and kickoff.

Customer success managers (CSMs)

Customer success managers (CSMs)

A dedicated partner familiar with your goals, helping you hit them with coaching, calls, and training.

Professional services

Professional services

Additional consulting sessions for on-site training, digital transformations, custom integrations, and more.

Custom resources

Custom resources

From onboarding to feature tips, we can provide the right content at the right time to help answer your team's questions and needs.

Meet a few of our Customer Success Managers

We're delighted to help your team, but please forgive us if we geek out about workflows and productivity tips. (Fair warning!)

Picture of Meenal Sim
Meenal Sim

Meenal supports our APAC customers. She helps them establish best practices that align with their business objectives and teams' needs while celebrating their wins along the way.

Picture of Dave Shin
Dave Shin

Dave partners with our enterprise customers. He helps large organizations optimize how they manage work to achieve positive business outcomes.

Picture of Pilar Gonzalez Rodriguez
Pilar Gonzalez Rodriguez

Pilar loves working with our valued customers to ensure they're set up for success. She focuses on onboarding teams to help them implement positive changes.


Learn more about our customer success programs.

How do I know if my team qualifies for customer success?
Our Customer Success offerings vary by geographic region and language. Admins of qualified accounts can find their dedicated success manager’s information in the admin console. If you’re interested in purchasing a personalized consultation or onsite training, please contact an Asana representative to learn more.
How can I see what type of plan I have?
Our Admin Console shows your Asana plan and number of members. Access the console by clicking your avatar in the top right corner of Asana.
How do I contact my customer success manager?
You can do so with our admin console in Asana. Just click your avatar in the top right corner.
What does a customer success manager (CSM) do?
CSMs partner with you from the beginning to ensure your team is set up for success. This includes new team onboarding and training, coaching calls, regular business reviews, and early access to new features. You can contact them at any time to schedule trainings or ask questions.
Have a question or need help with a specific issue?
Our support team is ready to help, contact us! In addition, we have plenty of free resources, trainings, and webinars, as well as a community forum and events. Check out to see our offerings.